"Would like to have had a full day of this speaker."
                         -Lisa Tiller, Jackson, MS

"Instructor was great, really enjoyed the seminar. Course material was great."
                        -Rebecca Irons, Jackson, MS

"Instructor answered all of my questions most graciously."
                      -Brian Johnston, DMD, Jackson, MS

"Mr. Heppner is an excellent speaker, he presented a lot of interesting points. I learned a lot from him today. Thanks!"
                        -LouAnn Letleton, Dyresburg, TN

"Informative, motivating, and entertaining!! It's great to have the solutions and ideas to problem areas that seem overwhelming at times."
                        -Lisa M. Burns, Little Rock, AR

"Out of all seminars I've attended, this was by far the most useful."
                        -Ann Repanich, Boise, ID

"Answered many of my questions and gave good information for resources."
                        -Dr. Roseann Mooney, Boise, ID

"This is one of the best financial seminars I have attended in 14 years in dentistry. You were very knowledgeable."
                        -Sue Dimmick, Boise, ID

"Very good information and to the point. Very good speaker with a sense of humor."
                        -Jayne Purdy, Winston-Salem, NC

"Instructor was great. Fun-type teaching style and course material were great. I'm looking forward to putting it to use."
                        -Janice Smith, Roanoke, VA

"Instructor was very good. He kept the seminar going, so as not be boring."
Sonya Nichols, Roanoke, VA

"I have only been in the dental field about 7 months and I have learned so much today that I will be more effective to my office and staff."
                        -Amber Lead Tull, Norfolk, VA

"Extremely useful. Will implement immediately in my practice. Orthodontics has historically been a bank for patients. I feel I can now get out of this extra unwanted business and concentrate on healthcare."
                        -Steve Hearne, DDS, Norfolk, VA

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