About The Course:
Since dental patients across the country are becoming more service savvy, it is more important now than ever before for dentists and staff to create a people-friendly atmosphere while at the same time operating their practice as a business. An appropriate system that addresses payment in this way will help dentists and their team members ensure payment for their services, while creating loyal patients who refer friends and family to the practice.

"Proactive Payment Systems" is a principle-based workshop that provides the guidelines necessary for dentists and their staffs to construct an appropriate payment system for their unique practice. Additionally, this course will teach the improved process and protocols in order to create a financially healthy dental practice.

Course Topics:

  • Ø Learning how to recognize and develop a financially healthy dental practice
  • Ø Setting goals for financial health
    Ø Applying techniques to create an expectancy of payment
    Ø Developing a plan to shift responsibility of insurance payment to the patient
    Ø Accelerating insurance payments
    Ø Enacting solid, proven techniques to effectively communicate with patients
    Ø Helping patients choose payment options that make sense for them and the practice
    Ø Significantly reducing the number of billing statements mailed
    Ø Improving cash flow, reducing accounts receivable, and improving profitability!

The attendee will discover proven ways to successfully address these topics in their own practice, and achieve the goals they have set out to accomplish.

Who Should Attend?
The best results will be achieved when Doctor and ALL team members attend!

Dental practices are confronted with numerous mandates, such as OSHA Compliance, the record keeping and accounting requirements of the tax laws, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, laws pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity, and the need to manage diverse kinds of risk. It's no wonder dentists and staffs are being pushed to the point where they have difficulty performing as a team and maintaining a prosperous dental practice.

"Working together to become a Self-Managing Team" is designed to help today's dentist and staff to set principle-based goals, delegate and accept tasks, encourage team responsibility, build mutual accountability, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Course Topics:
   • Differentiating between leadership and management
   • Prioritizing workloads
   •Principle Based Goal Setting
   • Re-engineering mission critical business systems:

  • Ø Determine an appropriate fee schedule
    Ø Build case acceptance through improved case presentation techniques
    Integrate effective internal marketing strategies to increase new patients
    Conduct Effective personnel performance reviews
    Implement reward systems to provide incentive to staff (Incentive is somewhat controversial but is fairly widely used and might work here)
    Scheduling for productivity and sanity
    Reduce and contain supply costs
    Measure and enhance financial performance
  • Who Should Attend?
    The best results will be achieved when Doctor and ALL team members attend!



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