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Richard A. Crinzi, DDS, MS
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Gordon R. Isbell, III, DMD
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   "I have worked with Fred Heppner in many different formats over the past 6-8 years. Fred is the consummate professional. I have attended lectures that Fred presented, had phone conferences where I asked Fred advice, met one on one, and most recently, worked with Fred on the sale of my orthodontic practice. When it comes to financial planning and advising, Fred has a wealth of information and can break it down simple enough that even the non financial people (orthodontists) can understand. Fred never tells you what to do, rather, he gives you enough information that you can make an educated decision for yourself. I highly recommend Fred to anyone in the field seeking these services. When it comes to practice transitions, Fred is the best choice. Fred is thorough, knowledgeable, accessible, connected, and capable. He will gather the necessary data to propose a practice sale price. He will work tirelessly with you other team members (lawyers, accountants, bankers) to make the sale fast and efficient. He creates a situation where all parties involved feel like they attain a win-win scenario;. Fred's fee structure is fair and understandable and you will receive a tremendous return on your investment for Fred's advice and services. I am a huge fan of Fred and recommend his services to everyone. Feel free to contact me as a reference if you have any questions regarding my experiences with Fred."

- Blair Feldman DMD MS MSEd  



  "Fred taught me ways to do my job that were more effective, yet very easy for me to understand, learn and apply.
Our practice now runs more smoothly, is more profitable, and continues to grow."

- Becky C., Office Manager  



   During my career as a dentist, the idea of providing dental care for my patients at the highest level possible has always been my aim. Bringing together this ambition alongside managing a business, supervising personnel, creating and implementing systems so that I have quality time for my family had been difficult.
At some point, I decided professional business management help might help solve this dilemma. Unfortunately, the impression I've had in the past with dental management consultants was not favorable. I hesitated contacting Fred Heppner based on the assumption that he was like the rest: expensive, ineffective, and unreliable. After several interviews, his approach to business management and how he suggested we handle my particular situation lead me to believe he may be different.
I can now testify that having Fred Heppner work with me in my practice was one of the best investments in time and resources I have made in my 18-year career. I strongly recommend meeting with Fred if you have any inclination to clarify the direction you may want to take your practice, improve your business acumen, and achieve the goals you have for your career. It will be well worth the time and money invested.

- Michael J. Radcliffe, DMD 



   I employed a nationally recognized practice management firm about eight years ago. The experience left me feeling as if I had put forth much personal effort for little result. I did not feel as if I was in control of my practice and was still not enjoying the practice of dentistry as much as I knew I should.
I met Fred Heppner about three years ago and although a bit skeptical, began working with him to define my personal practice goals. We then implemented Fred's well-designed systems to meet those goals. Fred was the consultant, coach, and friend that I needed to gain control of my practice.
I am very confident in the direction we are now moving, and know month-to-month exactly how every phase of our office is doing. Most importantly, for me, however, is that I now truly enjoy every day in the office, and "work" is fun again.

- Michael Beckham, DDS